Is it Easy To Rent Golf Clubs in Phoenix?

Renting golf clubs in Phoenix is very easy – most golf courses offer this service – but this can be a very expensive option. Below are the costs to rent golf clubs at 6 courses in the Phoenix Area – it took me longer to find the prices  than it took to create the chart.  

Are Golf Club Rentals at Courses Expensive?

Ya! Taking a simple average tells us that renting golf clubs in the  Phoenix and Scottsdale Area is expensive!  Yikes that is more than you pay for a round of golf in Phoenix or Scottsdale during the hot summer!

But I still need to rent golf clubs what should I do?

The answer to this is easy, rent some awesome golf clubs at in Scottsdale, Arizona.   The best deal with this company is $289 for 4 sets of clubs for 4 days.   In case you are not a math wizard for the same golf rentals at the local courses this would cost about $720 ($60 X 3days X 4 golfers).  Sure you may get some golf balls, but offers those anyways, not to mention tees, markers, and a towel.

Golf Rental Savings (Your Ah Ha Momentsurprised)

If you haven’t figured this out (I like my math) so here are the numbers:  $720 – $289 (including delivery btw) = $431 in savings.   Holy Smokes $431 do you know what we can do with that money?  Wow that gives us $108.00 each.

What can you do with $481 in Phoenix?

So here is my list in no particular order:

  • Go to Golf Now and book another tee time
  • Get some Mani-Pedis – Google IT!
  • Rent some bikes and hit the desert
  • Consider some golf lessons
  • Spend an evening at Top Golf
  • Buy some new golf gear
  • Send an etransfer to your significant other
  • Pick up a hot rental car for a day
  • Escape Room 101
  • Watch the Arizona Coyotes Skate
  • Walk with your family at the Zoo
  • Find A Liquidated Event Ticket
  • Bounce around with the Phoenix Suns
  • Float with the Fire Bird Balloons
  • Tune in to the Musical Instrument Museum
  • Tour off road for a couple of hours
  • Head North to Sedona
  • NFL game at Cardinal’s Stadium
  • Bid at Barrett-Jackson’s Auction